What is a Natural Finish?

No liquid or chemical is applied to make the surface smooth and shiny. In the process, the wood is well sanded to a smooth feel with fine grit sandpaper, and then grind the surface to create heat, which will bring the natural teak oil inside the wood to come out for shiny looks. 

Why is Teak furniture more expensive than other hardwood furniture on the market?

There are a number of cheaper hardwoods used for outdoor furniture and all of them are inferior to teak. Jarrah is the most common of these woods and it does not have the same life expectancy as teak, let alone the same touch, feel or aesthetic quality. Teak furniture is not expensive when you relate the cost to its life expectancy, you must remember this when comparing prices. You are not comparing like with like when you compare teak with any other wood. It is a strange anomaly that despite the fact it is built to endure decades outside in harsh weather our furniture is less expensive than some quality indoor chairs and tables.

Are less expensive items in the range as good quality as the more expensive?

Generally price is dictated by the shape and weight of a piece of furniture. The more shape a piece has, the more wood is required to make it along with taking more time to create. Also the heavier the sections of wood used means more weight and thus more cost.  No matter which piece of furniture you choose, you can be assured that the same quality teak and standard of workmanship is used along with the same methods of manufacture and assembly.

How do I look after my teak furniture?

Teak is a natural product, it can be left out in the open all year round through rain, hail or shine. Its color will gradually mellow to a graceful silver grey. The character of your furniture will alter, but its strength will remain. An occasional scrub down with hot soapy water will compliment this process and discourage any moss growth.

How long will it last?

Teak furniture should last a lifetime if properly built in the first place. We use only the top grade kiln-dried timber, epoxy resins for lasting strength, and any metal parts are either stainless steel or solid brass, which will not rust or corrode when left outside. The top furniture grade teak, used for all our furniture, with its high natural oil content, resists both warping and rot, ensuring that Indian Ocean teak furniture will last more than a lifetime.

Cracks appear periodically in my furniture and then go away?

This is perfectly normal as the wood breathes and reacts to variations in the moisture content of the air. The cracking tends to appear on the end grain sections and usually happens early in the life of the furniture. Cracks come and go depending on seasonal variations but rarely do they affect the strength, performance or life expectancy of the item.
Should I keep the furniture indoors during the winter months?

There is no problem wintering furniture outside, it may need a washing down in spring before use. Should you prefer to bring your furniture indoors, our range of folding tables and chairs are perfect and can be easily tucked away when not in use.

Spills, Stains, Chips and Scratches?

Most drinks stains will weather out naturally or can be cleaned down with soapy water and a hard brush. Other damage or stains can be removed quite simply using ordinary sandpaper. The grade of sandpaper depends on the degree of damage. Serious damage, start with course and move up to fine. Light damage, fine grade is all you will need. Stains usually disappear with a light sanding.

How easy is the furniture to assemble?

Most of the time the furniture are supplied flat-packed in semi-assemblies.  Only few products are come in fully assembles.  All flat-packed items come with the hardware, dowels, screw glue and instruction manual.  To make the furniture stronger and more stable, glue is required even though in some cases glue are not being use.  In most cases the furniture can be assembled within a few minutes by a single person with a minimum of tools.  However, a helper is very useful.