Sinfonia Night Neoclassical Bedroom Set, made in Italy

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Sinfonia Night Neoclassical Bedroom Set, made in Italy - SINFONIA-NIGHT-SET

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Sinfonia Night is a new luxury collection by Arredoclassic. The uniquely designed bedroom pieces express its sophistication in the perfect balance between decorative elements of neoclassical style and the refined sensibility
for elegance of a long standing Italian-made brand. Each item of this collection is a masterpiece! The bed comes in two options, either with or without upholstery. The dresser is also available as a 3-Drawer piece, or as a Vanity (Dressing Table), standing out for its elegant surface in natural granite set
into the top. Decorated with refined acanthus leaves, the columns support the
mirror framed in wood, an equally luxurious alternative to the gold leafing. Finally, the sumptuous wardrobe also comes in 3 different options.  

Base Price reflects Queen Size Bed (not upholstered), 2 Nightstands, 3-Drawer Dresser and Small Mirror. All items below available for order. Please email for pricing of your custom set or individual items. Please refer to this image file to view all collection items. 

Sinfonia Night items available for order:

Sinfonia Bed KS
Art. 220

Sinfonia Bed QS
Art. 220

Sinfonia Bed KS Upholstered
Art. 221

Sinfonia Bed QS Upholstered
Art. 221

Sinfonia Nightstand

Sinfonia 3-Drawer Dresser

Sinfonia Dressing Table

Small Mirror

Small Mirror

Wardrobe 5 Doors

Wardrobe 3 Doors

Wardrobe 2 Doors